This Unique Sunset

Welcome to Tamarin ! Probably one of the most beautiful beach town in the world. I was on vacation in Mauritius lately and every day I would sit on the beach and watch the sunset. This place is magical. The vibe is unique and inspiring.

Add this place to your bucket list and visit this country at least one. After your first visit if you happen to add it again on your list of places to re-visit, send me a message 🙂

I have a friend in the U.S who often travels to Australia. He would go through Europe and from there he would stop over in Mauritius just so he could watch the sunset in Tamarin. I am not the only one finding this place special. Maybe you would too 🙂


The thrill of the sledge sliding down the snow-covered slope. Their life-size smiles tell it all. 

Kids love it when their parents are winter active, dragging them on a sledge to the snow-covered slopes in the park. We are so lucky in Montreal, as in many places of this beautiful country, to have parks like the Mont-Royal with its dozens slopes providing winter leisure to children and adults alike. My son and I, we were having fun the other day on the slopes facing Park Avenue and I kept thinking to myself how wonderful it would be if someone could capture these images of us as I knew these moments were precious.

Little did I know that families with toddlers and young children would be interested when I threw the idea of having fun in the park and taking pictures them enjoying those times. I used to do a lot of indoor portraits in winter but this year, this is how I am engaging myself with families and really enjoying those moments as much as they do…with the privilege of capturing beautiful pictures of them. Life is beautiful ! Happy Canadian winter everybody !